JS-Apps: A collection of quirky single-page apps

Posted 4 years, 2 months ago

Not too long ago, I was playing a numbers game with my daughter when I realised that, while I enjoyed her response, I felt that it required considerable effort. It was a rather simple game: naming double-digit numbers, which required me to pick double digit numbers at random. Part of the problem stemmed from the fact that, while she could correctly name the numbers when they were stated aloud (aural), she would read them from the right if the digits were written (visual) e.g. on hearing "4 and 3" she would accurately say "forty three" but seeing 43 she would say "thirty four". Therefore, I need a way to visual way to reinforce the right numbers - without the resulting fatigue. In addition, I'm not a very good random number generator (and neither are you) so I wanted a way to do this very easily. Of course, I could have googled for an app on some app store but that's not very creative. Furthermore, I agree that screen time for young minds should be kept to a minimum so I decided to create an app that could be viewed from our TV's wimpy browser.

The result was the first js-app: random numbers, a tool that does what it says on the tin - generate random numbers one at a time. Now all I need to do is correct her as she names the numbers.

My goal is to constantly improve these and add to them. So feel free to feedback if something works or can be improved.