The Subtlety of Software

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago | Originally written on 17 Mar 2023

Software breeds a pervasive subtlety that accommodates mediocrity in spades. This subtlety makes its presence felt by the fact that working software can be fashioned along a wide spectrum of quality. But given that quaity is a cost that must be borne by the producer of the software, the average producer is far more likely to yield to the temptation to forego quality in favour of lower quality simply because by the same token the competition is likely to do the exact same thing. This leads to a race to the bottom: everyone peddles 'working software' but little can be said about the quality of that software. The fact that most web software is 'hidden' behind servers means that it is far more likely to have mind numbing levels of incompetence pass for 'working software' in this avenue.