Posted 1 year, 8 months ago | Originally written on 1 Mar 2023

“Inspiration is an unreliable source of fortune but if mastered can prove powerful beyond anything else.” [2023-03-06]

“Technology is a servant not a master. System design should be immune to the implementation technology and never the result of the available technology.” [2023-03-06]

“Imagination is not a handy substitute when anticipating others’ actions.” [2023-03-01]

“There is only one reason to get training: improve productivity.” [2023-02-23]

“Success in software comes when your users begin to take you for granted.” [2023-02-10]

“Nature does not produce Nobel-sized solutions but Nobel-sized problems.” [2023-01-28]

“The side effects of knowledge are latent and must be diligently pursued.” [2023-01-07]

"Analogies are system isomorphisms to the extent that they are relevant." [2022-12-24]

“Coding any code of significance without an architecture is like shopping without a shopping list—everyone knows what the result of that is.” [2022-12-23]

“Look to systems, not technologies. The allure of transformative technologies is illusory. Breakthroughs happen only in integrations.” [2022-12-13]

“Money is not a good.” [2022-12-13]

“Digging for gold is easy. Finding where to dig for gold is blindingly hard.” [2022-10-21]

"Good architecture makes construction easy." [2022-10-06]

“The best time to start something is when it is finished.” (Jim Rohn)

“What would fiction look like if it was funded by grants?” [2022-09-24]

"Thinking is a very expensive task." [2022-09-20]

“Bankruptcy occurs long before it shows up on the balance sheet.” [2022-09-05]

"Multifunctional tools hide functions." [2022-08-20]

“Knowledge is power and ignorance is power over knowledge.” [2022-07-10]

“Good architecture enables teamwork while none facilitates cowboys.” [2022-06-16]

“Use drives design.” [2022-06-04]

“When the technology changes, change else risk becoming a dinosaur.” [2022-05-28]

“Wealth and value are both sides of the same coin. There can be no value without wealth and wealth comes exclusively by value. The stock of wealth is precisely the stock of value.” [2022-05-24] of

"Coding without understanding is the source of unnecessary complexity." [2022-05-04]

“Design cannot be rushed.” [2022-04-04]

“Genius is a gift best enjoyed from a distance.” [2022-02-28]

"A formula is a mathematical interface. Two formulae may be coupled e.g. in the case of coupled differential equations." [2022-02-18]

“The essence of work is creating experiences for others e.g. a physician creates a healing experience for her patient.” [2022-02-10]

“The existence of theory implies that no one can claim to know the answer - just very reasonable guesses.” [2022-02-06]

"Bad design is irredeemable." [2022-02-03]

"Quality is the best marketing strategy." [2022-01-18]

"Statistics takes over where analysis ends." [2022-01-18]