Alphabet (Google) Broke My Heart... Again!

Posted 11 months, 4 weeks ago | Originally written on 23 Jun 2023

It's not news that Alphabet (Google's parent company) has, time and time again, flogged some of its services. In fact, there is a graveyard of services it has left in its wake. I suppose this is all part of its entrepreneurial pursuits to develop new services. The problem is that there is a growing reluctance to using Google products in fear that they will be shut down when one least expects it (see also here and here).

But the one that has hit me more than any other is Google Domains. I had actually thought that given it's cloud business, Google would treat domains as a core product (people need domains to get into the cloud, no?). Furthermore, I found that straightforward approach to searching and integrating domain management services a breath of fresh air compared to GoDaddy's 'harrassment' of customers. But, alas, this bliss was not to last.

I will not be surprised if Google, in similar vein, departs from the cloud business.