Effective Intelligence

Posted 1 year, 5 months ago | Originally written on 24 Jan 2023

When we think of ordinary intelligence we are bound to think of the intelligence quotient (IQ). The IQ is a measure of ‘brain power’—your capacity to extract form from perception, usually visual perception. It is a power measure because it factors in time. Therefore, an individual with a high IQ is one who can extract form in shorter periods of time than the majors of the population. That’s a great thing to have. But like anything else, it’s overrated.

What really matters is your effective IQ—effective IQ, which factors our time. It answers the question: what firm can you extract if we gave you all the time you need? The result is a measure of time that can be more readily be applied by an individual to determine the kind of pressure they can operate to succeed in a particular task. Obviously, an individual with a high IQ will have a short time but for the majority of the population that time will still be decent enough.

Here’s the problem: most jobs treat time as an absolute measure in theory. That is, while they may look for individuals of high IQ, they only ever need long delivery times yet insist of getting short delivery times. This means that while they can effectively hire anyone, they insist on wanting the best.