How to Build A World-Class Team

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago | Originally written on 24 Feb 2023

It is the responsibility of leaders to build world-class teams. There are two principle features of a world-class team:

  • productivity
  • process

To build a such a team we must go through the following stages:

  • define the aim
  • outline the system to accomplish the aim
  • specify the process/methodology by which to construct and sustain the system including the practices, tools and standards to apply
  • recruit the team to build and maintain the system by applying the process

That’s it! Now onto world domination…

Note: once you have the right ingredients in place you don’t need to hire the best and the brightest. The system allows you to take ordinary folk and make the most of them. In fact, your team members skills will be elevated because of the system and processes in place.