Systems Are Static Representations of Dynamical Interactions

Posted 4 weeks ago | Originally written on 29 Apr 2023

One of the least intuitive aspects about systems is the fact that they are a static representation of a complex interaction which involves dynamic events. This means that once you arrive at the system representation at least to an adequate level then you can be sure that any improvements accrue on the system. This is a beautiful feature of systems because it means that as long as you have the residents in representation you you don’t have to worry you can you can relax Then you can focus on just improvements the alternative you is to think in terms of tasks or events that are to happen to process some detail to converted from one form to another in the dynamic of thinking that active will thinking that functional be thinking is this is not immune to changes You introduce any changes to system in which all the components are active components that it might be that you have to hear out how the system functions are you wanting to be fixed. You want the system to always be fixed. You never want to have dynamic view of all the different pieces in whole.