Posted 4 months ago | Originally written on 18 Jan 2022

"Coding without understanding is the source of unnecessary complexity." [2022-05-04]

“Design cannot be rushed.” [2022-04-04]

“Genius is a gift best enjoyed from a distance.” [2022-02-28]

"A formula is a mathematical interface. Two formulae may be coupled e.g. in the case of coupled differential equations." [2022-02-18]

“The essence of work is creating experiences for others e.g. a physician creates a healing experience for her patient.” [2022-02-10]

“The existence of theory implies that no one can claim to know the answer - just very reasonable guesses.” [2022-02-06]

"Bad design is irredeemable." [2022-02-03]

"Quality is the best marketing strategy." [2022-01-18]

"Statistics takes over where analysis ends." [2022-01-18]