Searchable list of keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS X 10.5+ (IntelliJ IDEA)

Posted 4 years, 1 month ago | Originally written on 17 Mar 2020

Rider's top keyboard shortcuts

Open Solution or Project   Ctrl+Shift+O

Show Action List   Alt+Enter

Search Everywhere   Double-Shift

Navigate To…   Ctrl+Shift+N

Find Usages   Alt+F7

Select In...   Alt+F1

Settings...   Cmd+,

Find Action...   Cmd+Shift+A

Generate...   Cmd+N Ctrl+Enter

Build Solution   Cmd+F9

Debug...   Ctrl+Alt+D

View Breakpoints...   Cmd+Shift+F8

Attach to Process...   Alt+Shift+F5

VCS Operations Popup...   Ctrl+V

Refactor This...   Ctrl+T

Inspect This...   Cmd+Alt+Shift+A

Finding everything

Search Everywhere   Double-Shift

Find...   Cmd+F

Find Next / Move to Next Occurrence   Cmd+G

Find Previous / Move to Previous Occurrence   Cmd+Shift+G

Replace...   Cmd+R

Find in Path...   Cmd+Shift+F

Replace in Path...   Cmd+Shift+R

File...   Cmd+Shift+O

File Member   Cmd+F12

Symbol...   Cmd+Alt+O

Find Action...   Cmd+Shift+A

Navigating from symbols

Declaration or Usages   Cmd+B Cmd+Click Right-click

Type Declaration   Cmd+Shift+B Ctrl+Shift+B Cmd+Shift+Click

Show Usages   Cmd+Alt+F7

Super Method   Cmd+U

Implementation(s)   Cmd+Alt+B Cmd+Alt+Click

Navigate To…   Ctrl+Shift+N

Find Usages   Alt+F7

Highlight Usages in File   Cmd+Shift+F7

Context navigation

Move Caret to Code Block Start   Cmd+Alt+[

Next Method   Ctrl+Down

Previous Method   Ctrl+Up

Line/Column...   Cmd+L

Switcher   Ctrl+Tab Ctrl+Shift+Tab

Select In...   Alt+F1

Recent Files   Cmd+E

Last Edit Location   Cmd+Shift+Backspace

Back   Cmd+[ Cmd+Alt+Left Mouse Back

Forward   Cmd+] Cmd+Alt+Right Mouse Forward

Select Next Tab   Cmd+Shift+] Ctrl+Right

Select Previous Tab   Cmd+Shift+[ Ctrl+Left

Add to Favorites   Alt+Shift+F

Show Structure window   Cmd+7

Show Find window   Cmd+3

Show TODO window   Cmd+6

Show Favorites window   Cmd+2

Code Analysis

Show Action List   Alt+Enter

Next Code Issue   F2

Previous Code Issue   Shift+F2

Next Error   Alt+F2

Previous Error   Alt+Shift+F2

Toggle Code Inspection   Cmd+Alt+Shift+8

Run Inspection by Name   Cmd+Alt+Shift+I

Inspect This...   Cmd+Alt+Shift+A

Creating and editing code

Select All   Cmd+A

Move Caret to Previous Word with Selection   Alt+Shift+Left

Move Caret to Next Word with Selection   Alt+Shift+Right

Move Caret to Page Top with Selection   Cmd+Shift+Page Up

Move Caret to Page Bottom with Selection   Cmd+Shift+Page Down

Extend Selection   Alt+Up

Shrink Selection   Alt+Down

Add Selection for Next Occurrence   Ctrl+G

Copy   Cmd+C Cmd+Insert

Cut   Cmd+X Shift+Delete

Paste   Cmd+V Shift+Insert

Paste without Formatting   Cmd+Alt+Shift+V

Paste from History...   Cmd+Shift+V Cmd+Shift+Insert

Duplicate Line or Selection   Cmd+D

Copy Paths   Cmd+Shift+C

Save All   Cmd+S

Undo   Cmd+Z

Indent Selection   Tab

Unindent Line or Selection   Shift+Tab

Move Line Up   Alt+Shift+Up

Move Line Down   Alt+Shift+Down

Start New Line   Shift+Enter

Start New Line Before Current   Cmd+Alt+Enter

Delete Line   Cmd+Backspace

Toggle Case   Cmd+Shift+U

New Scratch File   Cmd+Shift+N

Coding assistance

Show Action List   Alt+Enter

Basic Completion   Ctrl+Space

Smart Completion   Ctrl+Shift+Space

Second Basic Completion   Ctrl+Alt+Space

Complete Current Statement   Cmd+Shift+Enter

Parameter Info   Cmd+P

Quick Documentation   F1 Ctrl+J Ctrl+Right-click

Move Statement Up   Cmd+Shift+Up

Move Statement Down   Cmd+Shift+Down

Move Statement Left   Cmd+Alt+Shift+Left

Move Statement Right   Cmd+Alt+Shift+Right

Comment/uncomment with Line Comment   Cmd+/ Cmd+NumPad /

Comment/uncomment with Block Comment   Cmd+Alt+/ Cmd+Alt+NumPad / Ctrl+Shift+/ Ctrl+Shift+NumPad / Cmd+Shift+/ Cmd+Shift+NumPad / Cmd+Shift+NumPad /

Generate...   Cmd+N Ctrl+Enter

Building, Running, and Debugging

Build Solution   Cmd+F9

Run context configuration   Ctrl+Shift+R

Run...   Ctrl+Alt+R

Debug context configuration   Ctrl+D

Debug...   Ctrl+Alt+D

Attach to Process...   Alt+Shift+F5

Stop   Cmd+F2

Stop Background Processes...   Cmd+Shift+F2

Step Over   F8

Force Step Over   Alt+Shift+F8

Step Into   F7

Smart Step Into   Shift+F7

Force Step Into   Alt+Shift+F7

Step Out   Shift+F8

Run to Cursor   Alt+F9 Force touch

Force Run to Cursor   Cmd+Alt+F9

Skip to Cursor   Cmd+Alt+Shift+F9

Resume Program   Cmd+Alt+R F9

Evaluate Expression...   Alt+F8

Quick Evaluate Expression   Cmd+Alt+F8 Alt+Click

Show Execution Point   Alt+F10

Toggle Line Breakpoint   Cmd+F8

Toggle Temporary Line Breakpoint   Cmd+Alt+Shift+F8

View Breakpoints...   Cmd+Shift+F8

Edit breakpoint   Cmd+Shift+F8

Show Build window   Cmd+0

Show Run window   Cmd+4

Show Debug window   Cmd+5


Refactor This...   Ctrl+T

Change Signature...   Cmd+F6

Inline...   Cmd+Alt+N

Move...   F6

Extract Method...   Cmd+Alt+M

Introduce Field...   Cmd+Alt+F

Introduce Parameter...   Cmd+Alt+P

Introduce Variable...   Cmd+Alt+V

Rename...   Shift+F6

Safe Delete...   Cmd+Delete

Global VCS actions

VCS Operations Popup...   Ctrl+V

Show Commit window   Alt+Shift+9 Cmd+Shift+9

Show Repository window   Alt+9 Cmd+9

Commit...   Cmd+K

Update Project   Cmd+T

Rollback   Cmd+Alt+Z

Push...   Cmd+Shift+K

Next Change   Ctrl+Ctrl+Shift+Down

Previous Change   Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up

Unit Testing

Unit Testing Quick List...   Alt+Shift+U

Run Unit Tests   Cmd+Semicolon, R Cmd+Semicolon, Cmd+R

Debug Unit Tests   Cmd+Semicolon, D Cmd+Semicolon, Cmd+D

Stop Execution   Cmd+Semicolon, S Cmd+Semicolon, Cmd+S

Repeat Previous Run   Cmd+Semicolon, T Cmd+Semicolon, Cmd+T

Rerun Failed Tests   Cmd+Semicolon, F Cmd+Semicolon, Cmd+F

Repeat Tests Until Failure   Cmd+Semicolon, W Cmd+Semicolon, Cmd+W

Run All Tests from Solution   Cmd+Semicolon, L Cmd+Semicolon, Cmd+L

Create New Session   Cmd+Semicolon, N Cmd+Semicolon, Cmd+N

Append Tests to Session   Cmd+Semicolon, A Cmd+Semicolon, Cmd+A

Run Current Session   Cmd+Semicolon, Y Cmd+Semicolon, Cmd+Y

Run Unit Tests under dotMemory Unit   Cmd+Semicolon, M Cmd+Semicolon, Cmd+M

Run Unit Tests (Tool Window)   Shift+Enter

Debug Unit Tests (Tool Window)   Cmd+D

Run Current Session (Tool Window)   Cmd+Y

Rerun Failed Tests (Tool Window)   Cmd+F

Create New Session (Tool Window)   Cmd+Shift+N

Append Tests to Session (Tool Window)   Cmd+Alt+N

Remove Selected Tests (Tool Window)   Backspace

Run All Tests from Solution (Tool Window)   Cmd+L

Tool Windows

Build   Cmd+0

Explorer   Cmd+1

Favorites   Cmd+2

Find   Cmd+3

Run   Cmd+4

Debug   Cmd+5

TODO   Cmd+6

Commit   Alt+Shift+9 Cmd+Shift+9

Repository   Alt+9 Cmd+9

Terminal   Alt+F12

Structure   Cmd+7