2010 articles

My Argument for Intelligent Design

How do we test for intelligence? Well, suppose that we make an observation of an ordered repeatable event. Since the event is ordered it is not random and since it is not random there exists a causal pathway that it takes to produce the observed result.We can study this …

Where's the Problem?

I repeatedly encounter this situation. It is a very innocent problem but one that, to me, makes a world of a difference.Some technical books have mastered the art of giving explanations. They can describe any algorithm, process or mathematical model with incredible detail but they forget the most important …

It's OK to Re-Discover

I had a heated debate with a friend yesterday. It centred on something I consider quite sensitive yet immensely pivotal. We had previously touched on it in another argument but yesterday's argument brought things to a head.My argument is that Africa needs to discover things for herself. When I …

Compiling and Linking with GSL

Command-line arguments for GSL compilation. Very important!in reference to: "2.2 Compiling and Linking"- Compiling and Linking - GNU Scientific Library -- Reference Manual

Using random number generators in C from GSL

Very useful information about using the GSL in generating pseudo-random numbers with a uniform distribution.in reference to:"18.4 Sampling from a random number generator"- Sampling from a random number generator - GNU Scientific Library -- Reference Manual